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пятница, марта 24, 2006

My Dirty Little Secret

That's right, I know all of you thought i was a straitlaced, upstanding citizen, but it's true. I have a dirty little secret. I sometimes enjoy...Arena football. I just got back from the Arizona Rattlers/ LA Avengers game at US Airways Arena in beautiful downtown Phoenix, and man was it fun. Once a year is probably plenty, but I do enjoy the white-trash-fest that is the Arena League. Some highlights (or lowlights) of the night:

* The personalized jersey two rows down from our seats: Number 8, "Chalupa"

* The drunken riots that nearly broke out every time something either good or bad happened to the home team.

* The Donkey Kick. Yep, it's just what it sounds like: a contest to see who could kick a stuffed donkey the furthest. Wow.

*The halftime "entertainment" (way to play fast and loose with the meaning of THAT word, guys!): The Dial (tm) Dancing Dads. A group of fortysomething white guys who performed several awkward dance numbers to various hip-hop hits, and then removed their jackets to reveal "Vote for Pedro" shirts and performed the Napolean Dynamite dance. Simply amazing, perhaps the best part of the game.

*Various vehicles and people on the field DURING play... always fun to hope for a Stanford Band situation.

*Being told, when I asked a security guard how to acquire the free Taco Bell Chalupas promised us by the announcer, "I dont know 'bout none of that, but Taco Bell sure has some good ones." So THAT'S where they are.

Fun times were had by all, especially my uncle and myself. Honestly, I dont give my uncle Lee enough credit. He is by far one of the funniest people that I know, and I have a blast every time I hang out with him. It must be something about the name, I just seem to click well with Lees.

In other news, go UCLA. That is all. I'm off to some baseball games tomorrow and Sunday, I may have more to say as the weekend progresses.

воскресенье, февраля 12, 2006

Onward It's 4:15 on Sunday morning. I should be asleep, I have church tomorrow. But, since I can't seem to sleep, I might as well get my blog on. I know I haven't been doing this much, but I probably should, cuz people apparently like to know stuff, and even more surprising, stuff about me. So here y'all go, with minor apologies to The Judge for the title...the one or two (former :P) DeckTechers in the audience get it.

School this semester is pretty chill, I only have 3 profs: Wright for Wright's Theology 101 (Aka Biblical Theology- every one of his classes is a variation on his theme, though), Kelle for OT Prophets (To balance Wright- it's fun to play them off one another), and 3x Smith for Admin/Leadership, Evangelism and Greek (props to him for not making me meet with the rest of the class at 7 am for Greek.) I love this place and these people- I dread all the GE I have left. It looks like, if the stars align and the schedules work out right, one more year should get me out of here...

Which leads me to the 'onward' mentioned in the subject. The information packet and catalog FINALLY arrived today from Duke Divinity School, and luckily it was well-sealed because i pretty much drooled all over it. I am looking forward to this more than perhaps anything I've ever done, with the possible exception of my impending nuptials this summer (more on that later.) All of the previous plans (Fuller, George Fox, etc.) were cool and all, but the prospects of Duke blow all the rest out of the water. Hauerwas, Maddox, and of course Cameron Indoor are calling my name, and I can hardly wait to heed their call. As a pleasant side note, this has motivated me to achieve scholastic excellence in a way that nothing has in quite some time.

Planning a wedding is pretty exhausting. For those who have already done it, you know what I mean; for those who haven't, um...good luck, suckers! There are, quite literally, a million and a half (at last count) things that must be thought out, and we haven't even cemented a date or reserved anything yet. The most recent hang-ups have been on the site (thanks to our flex-a-date, combined with the insane wedding planner at our preferred location) and the bridesmaids' dresses. Fortunately, the latter one may be close to finalization, and the former one...well, options are being explored. It looks like it will end up inside after all, so we don't need to rent toilets or a sound system, but where that 'inside' will be is still somewhat up in the air. Luckily, I'm marrying someone brilliant and beautiful who keeps all this biznaz straight. Oh, and takes care of me when I'm suffering from random lung-based ailments. And tells me to go to the hospital in the first place so I can get said ailments diagnosed and (hopefully soon) knocked off. And deals with me being totally insane a lot of the time. I love you, babe. Seriously, I don't know how I got anything done before Liz, but I'm glad I don't have to now.

4:40...bedtime, finally. Hopefully I'll be a bit more active in my blogging habits, so until next time, true believers...


понедельник, ноября 28, 2005

I'm So Engaging...

Hey all-
So a week ago yesterday Liz and I got engaged! Since she's way better at it than I am, here is her description of the evening:

Ok everyone, chris proposed to me tonight and i said yes! it was so romantic and perfect, i couldn't imagine a more romantic evening. He took me to Il Fornaio, this amazing italian restruant on Coronado. We first talked at the Il Fornaio in Seattle, so it was sort of full circle. we sat out on the patio and looked at downtown SD. then after dinner he took me down to the beach by the Hotel Del Coronado where he had set up a table for us in the sand. there were red and white rose petals sprinkled all over the sand and table and there were red tea lights that had been lit and place all over the table. there was also dessert on the table for us and milk in wine goblets and classical music playing on a stereo. after eating the dessert chris brought his chair around next to me and started telling me how much he loves me and other things, and then he dropped down on his knee and pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him. i said yes and then we kissed and then got up and danced barefoot in the sand under the moon. so Perfect!

anyhow i'm sure that you guys will be getting updates as we plan the future out.


So there ya go... It's official!
l8z all,

вторник, сентября 13, 2005

Ummm.... *Blink*?

So I am again. For those of you that wanted an update, here it is. I don't know whether my life has actually become more boring since I started this blog or I simply have less to say about it... I wish i had more to say, as I do enjoy doing this, but posting stuff like "THAT TREE IS FAR AWAY!" seems lame. So school started back up, all my classes are pretty chill. 0645 AM is not the best time to learn Greek, but it's working OK. It's great to have all my peeps down here at Loma, and even better that Lee found himself a good girl. Kristen's really nice, if you haven't met her yet, you should.

Speaking of girls, my own girl just moved into her own place out in El Cajon. It's a cute little one-bedroom place with tile floor and a livediningkitchen room. Man, is it expensive to furnish a house! Yeesh! Oh well, at least we'll only have to do it once in awhile.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on... I do take requests :) If anyone wants information about something specific going on, just let me know and I'll throw it up. Aside from that, I'll try and update as things strike me. Now that school's back in, it's likely I'll have a few more "deep thought" type things up too from time to time. Anyways, take it easy all!

вторник, июня 14, 2005

Summertime, and Chris is Lazy

So yeah, its been almost a month since i updated last...idk if anyone still checks this out :) Its been fairly uneventful, esp cause Liz is 500 miles away :/ *sigh* BUT i get to go see her this weekend, so that will be the height of awesomeness! Aside from that, the internship is going swimmingly, although Mr. Teapot decided to go on vacation for a week. I'm in charge this week, so that should be....interesting. It's gonna be a good summer, though, I think- tons of youth stuff, etc. Anyways, not much else to report. If something interesting happens, I'll let you know, i suppose :) Until then, keep checking back every third week or so ;) Lataz all!

суббота, мая 21, 2005

Home, Sweet Home

Hey all-
Home at last- yay, NorCal! My beautiful girlfriend Liz is with me until the 30th too so if you want to meet her or hang w me, give me a call. Things are going well, i still have a couple papers to finish up for school but other than that I'm done... I have my own desk at SRNC, I'm so proud :) All for now...if anyone has questions feel free to ask, i know i've been boring lately ;)

понедельник, мая 09, 2005

The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn

Hey all- Has it really been almost 3 weeks since I posted here? Wow...well, things have been interesting. Specifically, for those (two or three) of you who don't yet know, I now have a girlfriend :D Her name is Liz, she's 23, graduating next week with a double major in Psychology and Philosophy/Theology. For those of you lucky enough to live in NorCal, she's coming back up with me the week after graduation, so you'll probably get to meet her, if you're nice. She's awesome (duh!) and for some silly reason thinks I am too... anyways, hope you all are excited ;)